Penis Shrinking Myth vs Reality

There are many myths regarding penis shrinking and many men wonder if it’s true that their penises can shrink with age. Experts will advise you not to worry: the shrinking of the penis is only a matter of perception.

A penis can’t physically shrink. There is no diagnosed disease that specialists have discovered that can be associated with a penis growing smaller. Because the center of a man’s existence is their penis, every little change has the potential of being turned into a big problem. It is not only a matter of pleasing a woman, but a question of self-esteem. Specialists still think that despite whatever adult movies starts might have you believe, the average size of a penis is about five and a half to six inches in length. This is the ideal measure, perfect for providing pleasure to a woman.

What men describe as shrinking is really nothing more than gaining weight at the base of the penis. So next time you wonder can your penis shrink, think about how much exercise have you done lately. The majority of men put weight around the middles and the pubic mound begins to cover the base. The shrinking penis can occur because you are not as in shape as you used to be and you lost your muscle fitness. Of course this weight gaining can be caused by an unhealthy, rich in fat diet or it can happen with old age. The treatment is losing weight, but if the problem persists and affects your sexual life, try visiting a plastic surgeon. If you are healthy enough and aren’t predisposed to other illnesses, he could perform a liposuction at the base of your penis. But this can be done only if you have something abnormal.

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Can your penis shrink due to excessive masturbation? Some specialists think so. Frequent masturbation can affect the nervous system because of the excitement caused by the act itself. You may think that your penis is shrinking because of tissue damage that can happen due to intense penis rubbing. But how does a penis shrink because of all these activities? Well, the medial term is called atrophy. When the brain does not receive back the energy he has supplied for the masturbation rounds, atrophy will occur in the penis and reduce its size little by little. This means that during masturbation you will burn energy from your brain and reduce your penis. It may sound incredible, but doctors confirm it. Excessive masturbation can also lead to impotence and a man doing it too much might not be able to hold an erection during a real sexual act. Another thing that can lead to penis reduction is the physical damage that the male organ has to suffer every time it gets jerked off. The penis is made of spongy tissue, so abrasions and scar tissues can occur. This does not happen during the sexual act because the vagina’s natural lubricant will moist the organ and reduce friction, not causing penis shrinking.

Penis pumps can help counter penis shrinking.

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